Southfield Junior School

  • Click here to read the new information book about Coronavirus, it has been created for children and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. 

Physical Education at southfield

Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.

Our PE leaders are Miss Howes and Miss Chamberlain who co-lead PE across the school.

Each week, the children experience one indoor and one outdoor P.E session.

The children learn about all aspects of P.E include dance, gymnastics and team games. They often attend multisports workshops at Highworth Warneford School as part of our local cluster of schools. Throughout the year, each class also visits Highworth Recreation Centre to enjoy swimming, click here to read more about swimming. 

Activities to do at Home

We are hoping that Joe Wicks has been keeping you going with his daily PE sessions, however if you would like some more activities to do, try some of these 😊

  • Create and complete your own fitness circuit. Think about exercises that you do not need equipment for, for example: the plank, sit ups, press ups, jogging on the spot etc.
  • Choose a song that you love and create a new dance routine for it.
  • Load Cosmic Yoga via Youtube to complete a relaxing yoga session.
  • Go for a daily walk, jog or bike ride.
  • 100 Bounce Challenge – complete 100 bounces by either hopping, jumping on the floor, jumping on the trampoline, using a pogo stick, using a space hopper etc. Get creative!
  • Complete ‘Spell Your Name’ workout! See the resource below and complete the different exercises that you need to do in order to spell you name!  Challenge yourself by spelling the names of your family members too!

Dance, dance, dance!

Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.”  Martha Graham

Dance has been a prominent feature in our school during recent months.  Both Year 6 classes have been studying dance during their PE lessons, specifically the evolution of dance, and have been creating their own performances that encompass elements from all decades.  Additionally, a selection of children from Year 6 joined the dance club, run by Miss Howes, and prepared a flawless routine for the Dance Festival that was hosted at the Wyvern Theatre.  The children’s performance was fantastic and both staff and parents were extremely proud.  Inspired by their lessons and afterschool sessions, the Year 6s have been using their break and lunch times to teach the rest of the school their dance routines which all children have thoroughly enjoyed.

Equipment at Southfield Junior School

We were fortunate to have a new set of gymnastic wall bars installed into our school hall last year to replace the existing set.  The children have enjoyed using the new apparatus as part of their PE lessons.  They are encouraged to develop their skills of balance as well as consider their performance and movement as they travel from one area of the apparatus to the other.  Using the wall bars has also developed teamwork and evaluation skills; the children frequently work together in small groups to create a performance piece using the equipment and then evaluate their own and other performances.


It is important that the children wear the correct clothing and footwear for their P.E. lessons. It allows them to take part fully in the lessons and it is important to reinforce the need to change into a different set of clothes for personal hygiene reasons. At Southfield, Sports and PE are a strong feature of our curriculum and children and staff are proud to represent our school in competitions and festivals. A PE uniform encourages a stronger sense of school identity and belonging to our school community. 

P.E kits should be kept in school throughout the school week and consist of:

 * Black or Navy shorts

 * White polo shirt or white t-shirt

 * Trainers

 * Change of white socks.

In the colder months children can also wear plain black or navy jogging bottoms and sweatshirts for outdoor PE lessons.

We also have guidelines about jewellery in P.E.  Earrings for PE should be removed if they are able to, if not they need to be covered with tape provided by parents. Click here to read the most recent letter regarding earrings.